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Working Group Havlik - Microalgal cultivations

Dr. Ivo Havlik


Dr. Ivo Havlik

Research Focuses

Optical sensors

In situ microscopy

Software sensors

Short Description

The working group "Microalgal cultivations" concentrates on applied research with focus on developing online sensors for monitoring industrial microalgal processes. We aim to develop novel sensors and novel ways to combine existing sensors which can be employed in noninvasive, on-line, and real time monitoring of microalgal processes. Multispectral measurements of optical density, color change in culture suspensions, light scattering and in situ microscopy belong to the hardware based methods being considered. Outputs of available hardware sensors can be combined into so-called software sensors using statistical methods, mathematical modeling with chemical engineering models and pattern recognition using artificial neural networks. Application of sensors in the online monitoring of microalgal growth in ecotoxicological experiments and routine measurements is being prepared in an industrial project.