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Working group Lavrentieva - Stem cell research

Short Description

The working group Stem Cell Research deals with strategies for the in vitro expansion and optimization of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) cultivation. We establish various methods for efficient xeno-free in vitro cultivation of MSCs. Besides conventional culture techniques, such as static two-dimensional (2D) cell culture, three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems are also developed in our group. Human MSCs, cell lines and primary cells are cultivated as cell aggregates, on scaffolds and in hydrogels under physiological, in vivo-like conditions. In order to enable complex in vitro 3D systems, physiologically relevant in vitro 3D models for drug screening are generated with the help of bioprinting. Furthermore, the influences of different in vitro gradients (oxygen concentration, stiffness, growth factors) on the cells in hydrogels are investigated. With the help of this test system, it should be possible to reliably determine the combined influence of various parameters on cell behavior, in order to find optimal culture conditions for the respective application.