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Research Group Rinas - Microbial protein production


Prof. Dr. Ursula Rinas

Short Description

Our research activities encompass biochemical engineering and cell physiological aspects of recombinant microbial protein production. This includes the development of simple and highly productive cultivation processes as well as the corresponding down-stream procedures up to the generation of pure and endotoxin-free protein preparations. Our activities also include basic and applied research on in vivo and in vitro folding of proteins (inclusion bodies, folding kinetics, renaturation procedures for complex multimeric proteins, assembly of protein chains into virus-like-particles). We work with Escherichia coli as host cell but also with Pichia pastoris for the production of e.g. protein based vaccines or cytokines for e.g. stem cell culture applications. Finally, our research activities are also devoted to the understanding of the cellular responses towards recombinant protein production using „‘omic“ technologies and bioinformatic tools with the aim to generate basic knowledge on the functioning of the cell being useful for improving processes and cells with respect to the desired quality and quantity of the recombinant protein product.

Publications of the group