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Blume, C., Kraus, X., Heene, S., Loewner, S., Stanislawski, N., Cholewa, F., & Blume, H. (2022). Vascular implants – new aspects for in situ tissue engineering. Engineering in life sciences, 22(3-4), 344-360.

Jonczyk, R., Stanislawski, N., Seiler, L. K., Blume, H., Heiden, S., Lucas, H., Sarikouch, S., Pott, P-C., Stiesch, M., Hauß, C., Saletti, G., González-Hernández, M., Kaiser, F. K., Rimmelzwaan, G., Osterhaus, A., & Blume, C. (2022). Combined Prospective Seroconversion and PCR Data of Selected Cohorts Indicate a High Rate of Subclinical SARS-CoV-2 Infections-an Open Observational Study in Lower Saxony, Germany. Microbiology spectrum, 10(1), [e01512-21].

Paulsen, M., Zychlinsky Scharff, A., de Cassan, K., Sugianto, R. I., Blume, C., Blume, H., Christmann, M., Hauß, C., Illig, T., Jonczyk, R., Klopp, N., Kopfnagel, V., Lichtinghagen, R., Lucas, H., Luhr, A., Mutschler, F., Pietschmann, T., Pott, P-C., Prokein, J., ... Melk, A. (2022). Children and Adolescents' Behavioral Patterns in Response to Escalating COVID-19 Restriction Reveal Sex and Age Differences. Journal of adolescent health, 70(3), 378-386.


Heene, S., Thoms, S., Kalies, S., Wegner, N., Peppermüller, P., Born, N., Walther, F., Scheper, T., & Blume, C. A. (2021). Vascular Network Formation on Macroporous Polydioxanone Scaffolds. Tissue Engineering - Part A, 27(19-20), 1239-1249.

Kraus, X., Pflaum, M., Thoms, S., Jonczyk, R., Witt, M., Scheper, T., & Blume, C. (2021). A pre-conditioning protocol of peripheral blood derived endothelial colony forming cells for endothelialization of tissue engineered constructs. Microvascular research, 134, [104107].

Seiler, L. K., Jonczyk, R., Lindner, P., Phung, N. L., Falk, C. S., Kaufeld, J., Gwinner, W., Scheffner, I., Immenschuh, S., & Blume, C. (2021). A new lateral flow assay to detect sIL-2R during T-cell mediated rejection after kidney transplantation. ANALYST, 146(17), 5369-5379.

Stolpe, S., Kowall, B., Scholz, C., Stang, A., & Blume, C. (2021). High unawareness of chronic kidney disease in Germany. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(22), [11752].

Stolpe, S., Kowall, B., Scholz, C., Stang, A., & Blume, C. (2021). Unawareness for chronic kidney disease is high in all stages, age groups and comorbidities – and higher in women than in men.

Wichert, N., Witt, M., Blume, C., & Scheper, T. (2021). Clinical applicability of optogenetic gene regulation. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 118(11), 4168-4185.


Blume, C., Witt, M., Wichert, N., & Christoffers, S. (2020). Heilen durch Licht: Der Einsatz optogenetischer Proteinexpression bei Cochlea-Implantaten. Unimagazin, 2020(1/2), 30-33.

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