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de Almeida Parizotto, L., Krebs Kleingesinds, E., Manfrinato Pedrotti da Rosa, L., Effer, B., Meira Lima, G., Herkenhoff, M. E., Li, Z., Rinas, U., Monteiro, G., Pessoa, A., & Tonso, A. (2021). Increased glycosylated L-asparaginase production through selection of Pichia pastoris platform and oxygen-methanol control in fed-batches. Biochemical engineering journal, 173, [108083].

Segovia-Trinidad, C. L., Quaas, B., Li, Z., Lavrentieva, A., Roger, Y., Scheper, T., Hoffmann, A., & Rinas, U. (2021). Refolding, purification, and characterization of constitutive-active human-Smad8 produced as inclusion bodies in ClearColi® BL21 (DE3). Protein Expression and Purification, 184, [105878].

Sundermann, J., Oehmichen, S., Sydow, S., Burmeister, L., Quaas, B., Hänsch, R., Rinas, U., Hoffmann, A., Menzel, H., & Bunjes, H. (2021). Varying the sustained release of BMP-2 from chitosan nanogel-functionalized polycaprolactone fiber mats by different polycaprolactone surface modifications. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A, 109(5), 600-614.

Weber, J., Li, Z., & Rinas, U. (2021). Recombinant protein production provoked accumulation of ATP, fructose-1,6-bisphosphate and pyruvate in E. coli K12 strain TG1. Microbial cell factories, 20(1), [169].


Bolten, S. N., Knoll, A. S., Li, Z., Gellermann, P., Pepelanova, I., Rinas, U., & Scheper, T. (2020). Purification of the human fibroblast growth factor 2 using novel animal-component free materials. Journal of Chromatography A, 1626, [461367].

Li, Z., & Rinas, U. (2020). Recombinant protein production associated growth inhibition results mainly from transcription and not from translation. Microbial Cell Factories, 19(1), [83].

Li, Z., & Rinas, U. (2020). Recombinant protein production-associated metabolic burden reflects anabolic constraints and reveals similarities to a carbon overfeeding response. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 118(1), 94-105.


De Marco, A., Ferrer-Miralles, N., Garcia-Fruitós, E., Mitraki, A., Peternel, S., Rinas, U., Trujillo-Roldán, M. A., Valdez-Cruz, N. A., Vázquez, E., & Villaverde, A. (2019). Bacterial inclusion bodies are industrially exploitable amyloids. FEMS Microbiology Reviews, 43(1), 53-72.

Pesarrodona, M., Jauset, T., Díaz-Riascos, Z. V., Sánchez-Chardi, A., Beaulieu, M. E., Seras-Franzoso, J., Sánchez-García, L., Baltà-Foix, R., Mancilla, S., Fernández, Y., Rinas, U., Schwartz, S., Soucek, L., Villaverde, A., Abasolo, I., & Vázquez, E. (2019). Targeting Antitumoral Proteins to Breast Cancer by Local Administration of Functional Inclusion Bodies. Advanced Science, 6(18), [1900849].

Quaas, B., Burmeister, L., Li, Z., Satalov, A., Behrens, P., Hoffmann, A., & Rinas, U. (2019). Stability and Biological Activity of E. coli Derived Soluble and Precipitated Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2. Pharmaceutical research, 36(12), [184].

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