Main research areas

Research Areas at the Institute of Technical Chemistry

At the Institute of Technicaly Chemistry we are carrying out biotechnological research in many areas. This covers mammalian cell culture as well as tissue engineering, microbial cell culture and the cultivation of microalgae. Furthermore we are focusing on downstream processing and on the biotechnological characterisation of the targeted products, as well as developing and employing multiple sensoric means for monitoring and controling the bioprocesses. Another focus is on microsystem engineering to downscale processes to a miniature size and on additive manufacturing of lab technologies. Further research is dedicated to photo catalysis, medical biotechnology, digitalisation of lab infrastructure and bioinformatics.


The Bioengineering group is subdivided into several subgroups which are each focusing on specific research topics under the supervision of Prof. Scheper. This spans from mammalian and human cell culture in up- and dowstream processing across sensor development to chip technologies and biotesting. Furthermore, topics such as microalgae cultivations or development of materials for modern biomedical applications are covered. In the field of bioinformatics, aspects of data processing are covered from statistical experimental design to image and data analysis.
The bioengineering group is structured as follows:

Bioprocess engineering

The research focus of the bioprocess engineering group comprises microbial cell cultures in up- and downstream, sensor development and application for monitoring and process control as well as all relevant analytics. Aside this the Beutel group is also carrying out research on digitalisation of lab infrastructure, e.g. for bidirectional device communication or on interaction means for the operator with the system.