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Porr, M., Lange, F., Marquard, D., Niemeyer, L., Lindner, P., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2021). Implementing a digital infrastructure for the lab using a central laboratory server and the SiLA2 communication standard. Engineering in life sciences, 21(3-4), 208-219.


Aguilar, F., Ekramzadeh, K., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Whole-Cell Production of Patchouli Oil Sesquiterpenes in Escherichia coli: Metabolic Engineering and Fermentation Optimization in Solid-Liquid Phase Partitioning Cultivation. ACS Omega, 5(50), 32436-32446.

Antink, M. M. H., Beutel, S., Rezwan, K., & Maas, M. (2020). Tailoring electrostatic surface potential and adsorption capacity of porous ceramics by silica-assisted sintering. Materialia, 12, [100735].,

Bartling, B., Brüchle, N. C., Rehfeld, J. S., Boßmann, D., Fiebig, T., Litschko, C., Fohrer, J., Gerardy-Schahn, R., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Accelerated production of α2,8- and α2,9-linked polysialic acid in recombinant Escherichia coli using high cell density cultivation. Biotechnology Reports, 28, [e00562].

Bartling, B., Rehfeld, J. S., Boßmann, D., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Biotechnologische Produktion von niedermolekularer Polysialinsäure für pharmazeutische Applikationen. Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 92(9), 1221.

Beutel, S. (2020). Smartglasses im Labor: Werkzeug oder Spielzeug? Chemie in unserer Zeit, 55(2), 86-97.

Ekramzadeh, K., Brämer, C., Frister, T., Fohrer, J., Kirschning, A., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Optimization of factors influencing enzyme activity and product selectivity and the role of proton transfer in the catalytic mechanism of patchoulol synthase. Biotechnology progress, 36(2), e2935. [e2935].

Hemmerich, J., Osthege, M., Reiter, A., Wiechert, W., Noack, S., Oldiges, M., Marquard, D., Porr, M. J., Lange, F. H., Scheper, T., Scheper, T., Beutel, S., von der Eichen, N., Broming, L., & Weuster-Botz, D. (2020). Digitalization in industrial biotechnology: Challenges of miniaturization, automation, and interfaces. Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 92(9), 1160.

Porr, M. J., Schwarz, S., Lange, F. H., Niemeyer, L., Hentrop, T., Marquard, D., Lindner, P., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Bringing IoT to the lab: sila2 and open-source-powered gateway module for integrating legacy devices into the digital laboratory. HardwareX, 8, [e00118].

Porr, M. J., Marquard, D., Lange, F. H., Austerjost, J., McVean, K., Hermann, A., Maeß, C., Lindner, P., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Digital image analysis in the lab of the future. Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 92(9), 1249.

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