Publikationsliste Dr. Iliyana Pepelanova

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Fleischhammer, T. M., Dienemann, S., Ulber, N., Pepelanova, I., & Lavrentieva, A. (2024). Detection of Hypoxia in 2D and 3D Cell Culture Systems Using Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Hypoxia Sensors. In D. M. Gilkes (Hrsg.), Hypoxia: Methods and Protocols (Band 2755, S. 31-48). (Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)). Humana Press.
Lindenhahn, P., Richter, J., Pepelanova, I., Seeger, B., Volk, H. A., Hinkel, R., Hiebl, B., Scheper, T., Hinrichs, J. B., Becker, L. S., Haverich, A., & Kaufeld, T. (2024). A Novel Artificial Coronary Plaque to Model Coronary Heart Disease. Biomimetics, 9(4), Artikel 197.


Leonovich, M., Korzhikov-Vlakh, V., Lavrentieva, A., Pepelanova, I., Korzhikova-Vlakh, E., & Tennikova, T. (2023). Poly(lactic acid) and Nanocrystalline Cellulose Methacrylated Particles for Preparation of Cryogelated and 3D-Printed Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering. Polymers, 15(3 ), Artikel 651.


Sauty, B., Santesarti, G., Fleischhammer, T., Lindner, P., Lavrentieva, A., Pepelanova, I., & Marino, M. (2022). Enabling Technologies for Obtaining Desired Stiffness Gradients in GelMA Hydrogels Constructs. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 223(2), Artikel 2100326.
Schmitz, C., Pepelanova, I., Ude, C., & Lavrentieva, A. (2022). Studies on oxygen availability and the creation of natural and artificial oxygen gradients in gelatin-methacryloyl hydrogel 3D cell culture. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 16(11), 977-986.


Kirsch, H. M., Rach, J., Handke, W., Seltsam, A., Pepelanova, I., Strauß, S., Vogt, P., Scheper, T., & Lavrentieva, A. (2021). Comparative Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultivation in Fetal Calf Serum, Human Serum, and Platelet Lysate in 2D and 3D Systems. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8, Artikel 598389.
Pepelanova, I. (2021). Tunable Hydrogels: Introduction to the World of Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications. In Tunable Hydrogels: Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications (S. 1-35). (Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology; Band 178). Springer, Cham.


Bolten, S. N., Knoll, A. S., Li, Z., Gellermann, P., Pepelanova, I., Rinas, U., & Scheper, T. (2020). Purification of the human fibroblast growth factor 2 using novel animal-component free materials. Journal of Chromatography A, 1626, Artikel 461367.
Lavrentieva, A., Fleischhammer, T., Enders, A., Pirmahboub, H., Bahnemann, J., & Pepelanova, I. (2020). Fabrication of Stiffness Gradients of GelMA Hydrogels Using a 3D Printed Micromixer. Macromolecular bioscience, 20(7), Artikel 2000107.
Schlaugat, J., Patzer, K., Hentrop, T., Solle, D., Pepelanova, I., Schröder, U., & Scheper, T. (2020). Development and characterization of a fiber optical fluorescence sensor for the online monitoring of biofilms and their microenvironment. Engineering in life sciences, 20(7), 252-264.