People at the Institute of Technical Chemistry

Staff directory: People at our institute


Christiane Hellwig, M. A.

Executive Director

Executive Board

IT Representatives

Safety Officers

apl. Prof. Dr. Sascha Beutel
 Sascha Beutel  Sascha Beutel
Martin Pähler
(1. deputy)


Research Staff

apl. Prof. Dr. Cornelia Blume
Dr. Hanna Marline Kirsch
 Hanna Marline Kirsch  Hanna Marline Kirsch
PD Dr. Antonina Lavrentieva
 Antonina Lavrentieva  Antonina Lavrentieva
Sonja Maleen Vaupel, M. Sc.

Other Teachers/Employees

apl. Prof. Dr. Sascha Beutel
 Sascha Beutel  Sascha Beutel
apl. Prof. Dr. Cornelia Blume

Assistant Lecturers

Honorarprofessor Dr. Robert Faurie
Dr. Frank Lammers
Dr. Christian Maeß
apl. Prof. Dr. Ursula Rinas
Dr. rer. nat. Michael Siebold

Retired Professors

Doctoral Candidates

Riekje Biermann, M. Sc.
 Riekje Biermann  Riekje Biermann
Marc Alexander Buttkewitz, M. Sc.
Nicolas Debener, M. Sc.
Jan Peter Ebbecke, M. Sc.
 Jan Peter Ebbecke  Jan Peter Ebbecke
Tabea Fleischhammer, M. Sc.
Carlotta Kortmann, M. Sc.
 Carlotta Kortmann  Carlotta Kortmann
Louis Maximilian Kuhnke, M. Sc.
Ferdinand Heinrich Lange, M.Sc.
 Ferdinand Heinrich Lange  Ferdinand Heinrich Lange
Sebastian Loewner, M. Sc.
Katharina Vera Meyer, M. Sc.
Laura Niemeyer, M. Sc.
Jannis Renzelmann, M. Sc.
Jannik Richter, M. Sc.
 Jannik Richter  Jannik Richter
Laura Sophie Rösner, M. Sc.
Phil-Oliver Thiel, M. Sc.
Guillem Vernet Armengol, M. Sc.
 Guillem Vernet Armengol  Guillem Vernet Armengol


Michaela Dehne, M. Sc.
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