List of Publications Dr. Antonina Lavrentieva

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Sauty, B., Santesarti, G., Fleischhammer, T., Lindner, P., Lavrentieva, A., Pepelanova, I., & Marino, M. (2022). Enabling Technologies for Obtaining Desired Stiffness Gradients in GelMA Hydrogels Constructs. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 223(2), [2100326].


Kirsch, H. M., Rach, J., Handke, W., Seltsam, A., Pepelanova, I., Strauß, S., Vogt, P., Scheper, T., & Lavrentieva, A. (2021). Comparative Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultivation in Fetal Calf Serum, Human Serum, and Platelet Lysate in 2D and 3D Systems. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8, [598389].

Lavrentieva, A. (2021). Gradient Hydrogels. In Tunable Hydrogels: Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications (pp. 227-251). (Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology; Vol. 178). Springer International Publishing AG.

Schmitz, C., Potekhina, E., Belousov, V. V., & Lavrentieva, A. (2021). Hypoxia Onset in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroids: Monitoring With Hypoxia Reporter Cells. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 9, [611837].

Segovia-Trinidad, C. L., Quaas, B., Li, Z., Lavrentieva, A., Roger, Y., Scheper, T., Hoffmann, A., & Rinas, U. (2021). Refolding, purification, and characterization of constitutive-active human-Smad8 produced as inclusion bodies in ClearColi® BL21 (DE3). Protein Expression and Purification, 184, [105878].


Iudin, D., Zashikhina, N., Demyanova, E., Korzhikov-Vlakh, V., Shcherbakova, E., Boroznjak, R., Tarasenko, I., Zakharova, N., Lavrentieva, A., Skorik, Y., & Korzhikova-Vlakh, E. (2020). Polypeptide self-assembled nanoparticles as delivery systems for polymyxins B and E. Pharmaceutics, 12(9), 1-20. [868].

Kirsch, M., Herder, A. C., Boudot, C., Karau, A., Rach, J., Handke, W., Seltsam, A., Scheper, T., & Lavrentieva, A. (2020). Xeno-free in vitro cultivation and osteogenic differentiation of hAD-MSCs on resorbable 3D printed RESOMER®. MATERIALS, 13(15), [3399].

Korzhikov-Vlakh, V., Katernuk, I., Pilipenko, I., Lavrentieva, A., Guryanov, I., Sharoyko, V., Manshina, A. A., & Tennikova, T. B. (2020). Photosensitive poly-l-lysine/heparin interpolyelectrolyte complexes for delivery of genetic drugs. Polymers, 12(5), [1077].

Kritchenkov, I. S., Zhukovsky, D. D., Mohamed, A., Korzhikov-Vlakh, V. A., Tennikova, T. B., Lavrentieva, A., Scheper, T., Pavlovskiy, V. V., Porsev, V. V., Evarestov, R. A., & Tunik, S. P. (2020). Functionalized Pt(II) and Ir(III) NIR Emitters and Their Covalent Conjugates with Polymer-Based Nanocarriers. Bioconjugate chemistry, 31(5), 1327-1343.

Lavrentieva, A., Fleischhammer, T., Enders, A., Pirmahboub, H., Bahnemann, J., & Pepelanova, I. (2020). Fabrication of Stiffness Gradients of GelMA Hydrogels Using a 3D Printed Micromixer. Macromolecular bioscience, 20(7), e2000107. [2000107].

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